Top Ten Fashion Cities in the World

Fashion is known across the world as one of the most consistent, biggest industries and is appreciated worldwide. So what is the best country to look for a fashion career? There are top fashion cities distributed in almost every continent making it possible for every fashionista to follow their dreams and become part of the fashion industry.  Here are the top ten fashion capitals worldwide:

10. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona has made the top ten fashion cities within the past year. This city is located on the coast of Spain making it easy to go to neighboring countries and understand a variety of different cultures. This city is filled with life and fashion on the streets, making it listed as number nine in the world.

9. Berlin, Germany

 Berlin has ranked the number ninth top fashion city in the world because of its location in the center of Europe. Berlin is Germany’s fashion capital because it has a lot of great fashion designers and variety of different cultures everywhere.

8. Las Vegas, United States

 This city not only is known for its nightlife and casinos, but it also has one of the leading fashion industries worldwide. The fashion centers surround the city and because there is so much life in Las Vegas at night, everyone needs something new to wear!

7. Tokyo, Japan

China is becoming one of the world’s top fashion capitals. China has some of the most unique clothing and styles and therefore stands out from all the other fashion cities. With China’s recent explosion of success in almost every industry, Tokyo has worked its way up to number seven on our list.

6. Los Angeles, United States

 Not only does Los Angeles lead in acting and singing, but because the media is so strong in the hemisphere, fashion is very popular there as well because Hollywood needs fashionable clothes in order to set trends on television. This city holds a variety of different cultures, people, and places allowing fashion diversity to be lurking in every corner.

5. London, England

 This city has always been one of the top fashion cities in the world and it currently lies on number five of our list. London has fashion outlets everywhere and has some of the most talented designers in the world. Because it lies in Europe it has great access to many other European fashion cities.

4. Milan, Italy

 Milan not only is next to Rome (number two on our list), but is also surrounded by many different cultures and countries in Europe. Because of its location and fashion atmosphere Milan is one of the leading fashion cities in the world.

3. Paris, France

Number one in the media, but Paris unfortunately dropped down to number three in past few years. Fashion is one of the most ideal opportunities in Paris, and because of its reputation Paris has some of the most influential fashion designers and companies located in the center of the city.

2. Rome, Italy

Italy has a strong influence on fashion and two major cities that are some of the most powerful fashion influences around the world.  Not only do tourists visit Rome but it is also visited by fashionistas everywhere!

New York City, United States

 New York City is the leading number one fashion city in the world and has been for the past couple years. New York holds this position so solidly, because it is in the center of the world and has a short distance to Europe as well as the west coast of the United States.

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